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Family Martial Arts Classes in Union City and Fremont

Many parents are looking for family activities that involve learning something new together that's also fun. One activity you should consider is martial arts classes at Choi's Martial Arts.

At Choi's Martial Arts, we believe in the saying:
"Families that kick together, stick together."


Our family classes offer many benefits, including:


  • Greater respect among family members


  • A rewarding activity your whole family can share and look forward to


  • An exercise program everyone can do together


The Each individual family member will learn Tae Kwon Do at their own pace and level, while simultaneously supporting other family members in challenging themselves to reach their goals.


Getting started is easy at Choi's Martial Arts


  • Beginners are always welcome - no prior experience is necessary.


  • We offer a Trial Program that includes everything you need to get started.

"Our daughter has gained self confidence and this has also helped her academics. Choi’s is like a close family. We have gotten to know the families of all the kids."

- Parent Raj Johal


"Taekwondo has been a rewarding experience for everyone in our family.

The kids have made new friends with their classmates and we have made new friends with their parents. "

- Parent Peggy Su

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