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About Us

For over 20 years Choi’s Martial Arts has been helping transform the communities of Fremont and Union City, providing the highest quality of Tae Kwon Do training available. Each student is trained to diffuse conflict, defend themselves through combinations of kicks, blocks, and punches, and also in character development and leadership abilities.
We have developed Martial Artists who can demonstrate confidence, focus, respect, and integrity in life. Students of Choi’s Martial Arts find the results of their practice reaching far beyond the dojang, to their performance in school, work and home.
Our Mission Statement
  • To provide the community traditional values of martial arts in a safe, clean and modern setting.

  • To develop character in students and to energize them to maximize their physical and mental potential to succeed in life.

  • To teach students the importance of helping the community through martial arts practice.

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